Masking An Intro With the best app, Inshot Pro v2.016.1439

Intros are the most important for content creators, as attractive intros can make or break the audience’s attention. Well-structured and well-masked intros could be the game changers for all the vloggers and video creators. People often need help with things like complex interfaces, no editing experience, etc. I, as an editor, do face these kinds of difficulties, but I found the solution.
masking an intro
The solution is InShot Pro APK for beautifully masking an intro. It is a helpful tool to do multiple editing tasks for my YouTube and Instagram videos. We can perform masking tasks while using this tool quite efficiently. We can add text overly, text elements layering, different blend modes, animation effects, transitions, etc.

App Interface

Why masking an intro is important?

Intros are the key part of any content. We can use this tool to create the intros of our content; along with other effects, we can also add background sounds, and different font styles and also can export and share the content directly to the social media platforms. The content edited with InShot is compatible with all social media platforms.The premium tool can be used to perform all the editing tasks, whether you’re using it for professional use or basic editing. It’s developed for all kinds of editors, from beginners to pros. This app has all other premium features as well, like no watermark effects, and is ad-free.

Features of Masking Intro Tool of InShot app

We will have to use all these amazing tools of the InShot app while editing our images and videos. These premium features play an important role in creating masked intros for the content. I will discuss all these step by step and will use these tools. For more details Info of other features of InShot, you can also read InShot Pro APK.
masking an intro
  • Text Overlay
  • Layering
  • Blending Modes
  • Background Customization
  • Animation Effects
  • Masking Tools
  • Audio Integration
  • Preview and Editing
  • unlimited filters
  • Chroma Key
  • Pip
  • Export Options
  • Compatibility

How to create a masked Intro on InShot Pro APK?

  • Go to the browser and search for
  • Download the InShot app and install it
  • Now go to the interface of the app
  • select video option
  • Upload a blank video first
  • Set the timing bar according to the video length
  • Now add the text of your choice
  • Add filters, chroma key, and animations as per requirements
  • Save the video
  • Now take that video you want to apply masked text on
  • Select pip and add the text video you made before
  • Apply it on the video, select the chroma key option, and remove the chroma key.
  • It’s all done. Save the video, and you can direct upload the file anywhere.
Masking Intro


  • Versatile
  • Advanced features
  • Professional tools


  • Learning Curve
  • Time Consuming

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Masking Intro is the most important part for any content creator. Attractive intros can engage the audience more than a simple one. It totally changes the look of the content, which attracts the audience more.

Masking the intro makes the introduction part of your content more attractive. It’ll help you to engage a larger audience with your content.

InShot Pro is the best app to perform this task as it’s beginner friendly and professional can also find all the latest and advanced features to accomplish this task.

Yes we can add animated text and many other animations that can make the content more attractive. Many different effects also can help the editors to make it more beautiful.

Final Words

InShot Pro APK offers a simple solution for the users to create attractive intros for thier videos and photos as well. With the help of complete guidance and detailed information, users can operate this tool easily. I provided my readers easy to an easy understanding of content so that they would create amazing intros for their brand or any other video content.InShot Pro APK simplifies the process of masking intros, making it accessible to creators of all skill levels. With innovative tools and seamless integration of text and graphics, users can create intros that can grab viewers’ attention from the start. Download the InShot app now to get all these amazing features for free.

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